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211. Parenting Book Recommendation — Jodi Snowdon

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Are you raising emotionally strong kids? Are you helping them learn how to develop their emotional literacy? This is an important part of parenting and sadly, this is one area I was lacking for many years. It took me walking through my divorce for me to see the importance of emotional literacy. I hope you can see its importance too!

So I am excited this summer, I am going to be recommending some books to you and to start it off since Father’s Day was just yesterday, I want to do a parenting book. This is such an amazing book; I wish I had it when my kids were younger. It just came out a couple of years ago, and it is called *Raising Emotionally Strong Boys by David Thomas.

The subtitle is Tools Your Son Can Build On For Life. Now let me say, all of these things can be shared with your daughter too, but David points out that so many times we are not teaching our boys this and honestly, it is so important.  I would like to highlight some of my favorite parts of the book as well as share some personal stories too! I believe this parenting book is life-changing for your kids!

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