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180. Managing Your Emojis — Michelle Nietert

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How are you at managing your emotions? Do you have tools in your emotional tool belt on how to handle sadness, anger, and worry? I would say for most people, this is a hard struggle.

I am so excited to tell you about this new book that my friends Lynn Cowell and Michelle Nietert wrote. It is called *Managing Your Emojis, and I wish I had this book when I was younger. Today I have the privilege of talking to Michelle about this amazing devotional for kids, and there is so much wisdom in this episode. Michelle is a counselor, so she gives some many practical tools for us parents and for our kids too! You do not want to miss our conversation.

Also, I am so excited for someone to win a copy of Michelle and Lynn’s book: *Managing Your Emojis. All the details of the book giveaway are on my website at jodirosser.com or you can click this direct link: https://kingsumo.com/g/0n9mkx/managing-your-emojis-book-giveaway 

It is fun to have Michele back on the Podcast! If you missed my first conversation with Michele and Lynn about their book, *Loved & Cherished, please check out Episode 51 on the Depth podcast. Love this devotional they wrote for girls.

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Licensed Professional Counselor of 25 years, Michelle Nietert is the coauthor of the *Managing Your Emojis, *God I Feel Sad: Bringing Big Emotions to a Bigger God series, best selling book *Loved & Cherished, and the award-winning book for adults *Make Up Your Mind

She leads a team of counselors as the clinical director of Community Counseling Associates in the Dallas, TX area. A popular speaker on topics regarding mental health, faith, and parenting, she is a frequent guest on national television and podcasts, and hosts the Raising Mentally Healthy KidsTM podcast. She and her husband Drew have been married 20 years with two school aged children. Connect with Michelle at YourMentalHealthCoach.com. 

*Note: If you are interested in purchasing this book or the books recommended, I would love for you to use the Amazon Affiliate link above to help support the podcast. Thank you!

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