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It is an honor to be a guest on a podcast or blog series. I love sharing more of my story and how God has grown my faith. I believe it is important to honestly share our God stories and help another hurting heart. My hope is that these guest posts and podcasts will encourage you in your faith. Please click on the links below to listen and read. 

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Podcast Guest

One Word Can Change Everything Devotion

Excited to have you hear my five minute devotion on Erin’s podcast this week! I read an excerpt from a chapter in my book, Depth called One Word Can Change Everything. Hearing my friend’s cancer diagnosis caused worry to occupy my mind. Maybe you can relate. I pray the truth I share will encourage you…

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Guest Writer

Who needs to hear your story of God’s redemption?

Note: This is an excerpt from Jodi’s book– Depth: Growing Through Heartbreak to Strength. I am still in awe about how God used my story. Across the globe in Rwanda, Africa, our Saddleback Church Kids Small Group (KSG) team gathered for our final morning meeting. Just eleven days earlier, my youngest son graduated from elementary…

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