Jodi loves to encourage women to grow deeper in their faith and stronger in their relationships. If your church or mom’s group is looking for a speaker, Jodi would love to come and share with your group of women!


There is nothing like a mother's love

As a single mom to two teenage boys, Jodi knows that motherhood can be the most rewarding and most challenging job all at the same time. Because of this, Jodi loves to come along side and encourage moms along their parenting journey. Through laughter and tears, Jodi will share the 4 truths she wished she knew when she was a young mom using the acronym LOVE.

Take a Leap of Faith

Have you ever felt God asking you to do something that was out of your comfort zone? Maybe you thought you knew God’s plan for your life and then all of sudden He is asking you to follow Him down a different path? Jodi will share her personal leap of faith story of starting her podcast as well as dive deeper into two Bible stories in the Old Testament where God asks His people to step out in faith.

MOPS speaking picture

Are you Rooted?

Jodi loves to talk about trees because they remind us of the importance of Depth! This word, Depth, is not only the name of her podcast and book, but also a way of living! Growing deeper in our faith and stronger in our relationships takes intentionality. In this message, Jodi will share 3 growth helpers to improve your growth as well as 3 growth hinders that may be stunting your growth.

Hope for the Hurting Heart

What do you do when one word turns your entire world upside down and leaves you heartbroken?  Maybe your one word is miscarriage, cancer, divorce, or infertility. All of these words can leave us feeling hopeless and questioning God’s plan for our lives. Using the acrostic, HOPE, Jodi will share 4 action steps to help you move from a place of heartbreak to strength.


Do you want to grow deeper in your faith? Like a tree, do you desire deep roots to withstand life’s unexpected storms? Do you want this for the women at your church?

Depth takes intentionality, so Jodi is excited to share three growth helpers to improve your growth as well as three growth hinders that may be stunting your growth. In addition, Jodi knows firsthand that the hardest times in our lives become the most growing time in our faith, so she offers encouragement to those hurting and practical ways to find hope in the midst of the storm as she vulnerably shares about the three great heartbreaks in her life.

The Depth Conference is a two-part series that will focus on the verse: Jeremiah 17:7-8 and can be customized for your group as a one-day or two-day event. An additional hands-on activity can be added if you are looking for a 3-part series or a useful workshop for your women.

Jodi's Testimony

What if our brokenness does not disqualify us, but instead was the very ingredient needed to help another hurting heart? Jodi loves to share her testimony, her broken story using her cracked clay pot. Below is a picture of Jodi holding up her cracked clay pot to a group of women in Rwanda. She believes that God shines the brightest through our cracks as we give God our broken pieces!

Jodi Speaking with book
Speaking in Illinois

"It was so special to have Jodi speak at our Saddleback Moms Group. She previously served in this same ministry back when it was called Treasured sixteen years before. During that time, I have watched Jodi grow deeper in her faith especially when she walked through her divorce and the loss of her friend. Despite these tragedies, she still chose to cling to her faith and help others with her blog, podcast, and book. She continues to do this with her speaking as she vulnerably shares and encourages women along their journey. I highly recommend having Jodi speak to your group."

Sandra Maddox

Women’s Ministry Leader, Saddleback Church

"Jodi was the guest speaker at the Moorpark Presbyterian Women's Christmas Brunch in December.  Her message of H.O.P.E. was something many of us needed to hear after much loss and difficulty in 2023.  Through her enthusiastic love of God, she inspired us and truly touched our hearts.  She reminded us that some of the tallest trees remain strong because they reach out and intertwine roots with the trees around them, much like we grow relationships and draw strength from our sisters in Christ. Thank you, Jodi, for such an uplifting message!"

Brenda Kermode

Women’s Ministry Chair, Moorpark Presbyterian Church

"Our MOPS group loved hearing from Jodi who’s joy-filled, resonant and fun. We were encouraged by her love for Jesus and inspired by her story of hope. Jodi offered practical tools for helping kids process their emotions too. I highly recommend inviting Jodi to speak to your group."

Becky Downs

Family Life Pastor, Mission Viejo Christian Church

"I loved having Jodi as a speaker and talked about her for weeks afterwards, sharing parts of her interview with numerous people. Jodi has suffered many losses in her life and she shows us how God really does use the very things that we thought would break us to build us up. She engages with stories, with her energy and her love. Not only that she demonstrated how God uses the very cracks in our lives to shine through and bring clarity to others. Through biblical stories, she teaches how letting God in is how we let our light shine for others to see God’s glory!"

Eddie Laroque

CEO, Kingz Daughter Production

"I have had the pleasure of hearing Jodi speak twice to my MOPS group & both experiences have been so uplifting! She has such a great ability to weave personal stories, the Bible, & little take-aways you can easily implement in your life. The ladies in my group have spoken so highly of getting to hear her speak each time she has visited our group and we can't wait to have her back again!"

Valerie Page

MOPS Coordinator, Calvary Westlake Church

"Jodi is a wonderful speaker. She is so relatable, and her energy is infectious. We loved her humor and warmth. Within her presentation, Jodi’s wisdom and content was a perfect balance of real life and faith application. I highly recommend her for any organization!"

Kimberly Milo

Women’s Ministry Leader, South Hills South County Church

“Jodi is a wise woman with an evident love for God and others! She is one of the best speakers our MOPS group has had, a favorite amongst the moms. She speaks God’s truth with confidence and love.”

Ina Cover

MOPS Coordinator, Voyagers Bible Church

"Jodi is such a light!  She uses her own personal struggles to help encourage and teach others. She spoke to a group of moms and their teenage daughters and both age groups walked away knowing how important it is to have deep roots in their faith and ways to apply it to their daily lives. I can’t wait to read her book and learn more. Thanks Jodi for answering God’s call, we are all blessed by you."

Kathryn Land

Speaker Chair, RTWELVE.org

"What a blessing it was to hear Jodi speak to our MOPS group. She has such a gift for encouraging, affirming and inspiring others. She shared her heart for moms and what she wished she’d known when she was in her early stages of motherhood. She shared personal experiences that we could all relate to, gave us practical parenting steps using the acronym LOVE and encouraged us to grow deeper in our faith and in our friendships. Her message to us is one that I truly will never forget. It was such an honor to meet Jodi, hear her testimony and hear what the Lord put on her heart to share with us in our season of motherhood."

Jess Smith

MOPS Coordinator, The Shoreline Church

“I recently hosted a virtual event, and Jodi was one of my speakers. She very effectively spoke of how the hardest times in our lives will be those times that we grow the most. It was a message of hope in that when we use our story showing God's faithfulness, it helps others find hope in the middle of their brokenness. She is a beautiful speaker who can speak from the heart, through her experiences, about taking the hard lessons from life and how they catapult you into your seasons of greatest growth. Jodi has a heart for loving and helping people. She's kind and generous and her strength and love is evident in her speaking. The way she weaves stories into her talk makes her a great speaker. She will always be welcome to speak at my future events and I would highly recommend her for anyone who wants a heart-filled speaker.”

Wendy Wallace

Wendy Wallace, Christian Life Coach & Inspirational Blogger

"We so enjoyed having Jodi speak to our MOPS group! Jodi is down to earth and gave us practical tips for loving our kids with intention. We loved Jodi’s stories that gave us examples of how to show our kids respect, meet them on their level with empathy, and to connect with others in community without comparison."

Alyssa Smith

MOPS Coordinator, Harbor Point Church

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