Hi, I'm Jodi Snowdon

(previously Jodi Rosser) So glad you are here! I am an author, podcaster, and speaker who helps women grow deeper in their faith and stronger in their relationships. With God's strength, I emerged from miscarriage, divorce, and losing my dear friend to cancer to help women everywhere experience hope, joy, and purpose through life’s unexpected storms.

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Depth: Growing Through Heartbreak to Strength

What if your greatest heartbreak catapults you to your greatest growth?

To the woman whose heart has just been shattered into a million pieces, to the hurting heart whose whole world was changed in an instant, to the grieving soul who struggles to get out of bed—you are understood. You are seen. And this book is for you.

Depth podcast

Helping You Grow Deeper in Your Faith and Stronger in Your Relationships

My hope for my podcast is to ignite in you a love to read, deepen your longing to learn, and cultivate your desire to grow. Grow deeper in your faith and stronger in your relationships.

Just like a tree, your deep roots will help you withstand life’s unexpected storms as well as propel you to reach new heights.

I look forward to digging deeper because Depth Matters.

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213. Fiction Book Recommendations — Jodi Snowdon

Do you like to read fiction books? It is interesting– I did a survey maybe the second year of my podcast and…

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Heartbreak to Strength Blog

How The Green Beauty In Scotland Changed My Perspective On Rain

I was captivated by the view! The beautiful green trees, bushes, and grass against the blue water was breathtaking. Standing in Scotland with my husband at this gorgeous overview was a dream come true!  As I stared at the landscape around us, I just kept saying, “Look at all the green- it is stunning,” And...
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Join Me at the Warrior Queen Summit: Your Path to Victory Starts July 9!

I am thrilled to announce that I will be part of the Warrior Queen Summit: Helping Women Walk In Godly Victory interview series, starting on July 9! Hosted by the inspiring Dona Watson, this incredible 3-day event is designed to inspire and empower women to break free from survival mode and step into a life...
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How to Live Intentionally and Grow Seeds Instead of Weeds

I could not believe how fast they emerged. Sprouting up out of nowhere, these unwanted plants invaded my flowerbed. Along with the healthy plants, this summer also brought along some large weeds. Left unattended, weeds just continue to grow. Around the side of my house by my trash cans, some of the weeds stood taller than...
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Do You Want to Learn How to Study the Bible Better?

Have you ever taken a deep dive into a verse in the Bible? As you looked closely at the words, did you compare translations or look up what they meant in their original language? Honestly, this is out of my comfort zone. Maybe it is for you too. This is why I was so excited...
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Book Ministry


I love to get the right book into a reader’s hands! After each podcast, I will be giving away a copy of the book that I am recommending!