Hi, I'm Jodi Snowdon

(previously Jodi Rosser) So glad you are here! I am an author, podcaster, and speaker who helps women grow deeper in their faith and stronger in their relationships. With God's strength, I emerged from miscarriage, divorce, and losing my dear friend to cancer to help women everywhere experience hope, joy, and purpose through life’s unexpected storms.

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Depth: Growing Through Heartbreak to Strength

What if your greatest heartbreak catapults you to your greatest growth?

To the woman whose heart has just been shattered into a million pieces, to the hurting heart whose whole world was changed in an instant, to the grieving soul who struggles to get out of bed—you are understood. You are seen. And this book is for you.

Depth podcast

Helping You Grow Deeper in Your Faith and Stronger in Your Relationships

My hope for my podcast is to ignite in you a love to read, deepen your longing to learn, and cultivate your desire to grow. Grow deeper in your faith and stronger in your relationships.

Just like a tree, your deep roots will help you withstand life’s unexpected storms as well as propel you to reach new heights.

I look forward to digging deeper because Depth Matters.

Latest Episode

206. I am Weak, I am Strong — Jay Hewitt

How do you define strength? I am so excited for you to hear how my guest this week talks about strength. Jay…

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Heartbreak to Strength Blog

12 Important Steps to Take if you find yourself in an Unwanted Divorce

My heart broke as another friend shared with me her devastating news: her husband wanted a divorce. It was the third time that week that I had heard of another marriage ending.  One more family whose kids would have to navigate the tough road of two homes. Knowing how difficult this journey would be, I...
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God’s heart is to rescue, redeem, and restore you!

We sat cross-legged in the woods behind my neighbor’s house, leaves crunching beneath us. There, I spilled all the gory details. As a seven-year-old, I didn’t know it was called abuse. I just knew I felt dirty and scared, and I had no idea how to process what had just happened. I figured my neighbor,...
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She Believed God Could and She Did

I was elated as I read her post. “Just one letter makes a difference,” she said.  These words just popped off the page and into my heart. You see, there is a popular saying, “She believed she could so she did!”  Have you heard of it?  It is stating that we can work hard and...
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It is good to be back!

Just a couple months ago, I got married to an amazing Christian man! David and I had a beautiful December wedding on the beach in California with our family and friends!  It was so special to have my boys walk me down the aisle on my wedding day! At the beginning of the year, I announced...
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Book Ministry


I love to get the right book into a reader’s hands! After each podcast, I will be giving away a copy of the book that I am recommending!