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208. Unlimited Motherhood — Jessica Hurlbut

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed with what you have to do in your life and what you feel like God is calling you do to? You think, I just don’t have the time to do it all. I can so relate.

This is why I am excited for you to hear from Jessica Hurlbut. She is back on the podcast, and we are talking about her new book, *Unlimited Motherhood. I think sometimes the demands of being a mom can be exhausting and at the same time, you are trying to live out this purpose you feel God has called you for. And sometimes you are like, I just don’t know how to do it all, and you feel limited.  That is why I am so excited for the truth Jessica shares. Oh, I love the last part of the podcast where she talks about John the Baptist– it is my favorite!

Also, I am so excited for someone to win a copy of Jessica’s new book: *Unlimited Motherhood. All the details of the book giveaway are on my website at or you can click this direct link:

It is fun to have Jessica back on the Podcast! If you missed my first conversation with Jessica, she was one of my special mom stories in 2022, please check out Episode 137 on the Depth Podcast.  I love what she shares about adoption and autism.

We also refer to the book she recommended her first time on the podcast: *Anonymous by Dr. Alicia Britt Chole. I had the joy of interviewing her on the Depth Podcast Episode 154 . It was one of my favorite episodes and I highly recommend you checking it out.

Lastly, we talk about comparison, and I share about a blog post I wrote called: A Challenge to Look Deeper, Not Just at the Surface.

Book Recommendation: *Woven in the Womb by Rachelle Keng

Jessica Hurlbut is a wife, pastor, writer, podcaster, and mom of five–two autistic, two adopted, and one typical teen boy. She and her husband, Greg, are lead pastors of New Testament Church in upstate New York and oversee a network of churches in the north country. Jessica and her husband also host a weekly podcast, the Full Spectrum Parent Podcast, the only faith-based Autism parenting podcast in existence. She also blogs weekly at

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