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Depth Podcast Episode 132: Special Mom Story — Jessica Hurlbut

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Do you need some fresh perspective on the circumstances of your life? Maybe you are walking through a hard season or perhaps you are in the middle of a transition.

I am so excited to introduce you to Jessica Hurlbut, my special mom story this week. She is going to share some incredible insight. Not only has she adopted two children, but she also has two autistic children, and she offers so much wisdom. I took so many notes on fostering to adopt as well as how to come alongside and help someone on this same road. She is going to give us a dose of help, a dose of humor, and a dose of hope. You do not want to miss the truth she shares.

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Jessica is a writer, a podcaster, a special needs mom, and pastor. She has been married for 17 years to Greg Hurlbut, who is the lead pastor at New Testament Church in Massena, NY. She is the mother of five children: two adopted, two autistic, and one typical teen boy. In 2014, Jessica and her husband adopted a sibling group and become adoption advocates for the 125,000 children in foster care who are freed to be adopted. Jesus whispered to her heart, “If you take care of my kids, I’ll take care of yours.” In her free time, Jessica loves to run. She completed two marathons, two ultra-marathons, and a National Adoption run where she ran 70 miles for 19 hours straight in a snowstorm. The Hurlbut’s host the Full Spectrum Parent Podcast, the only faith-based Autism parenting podcast in existence. She also blogs weekly at

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