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207. Surrender and How to Discern the Voice of God — Jody Gras

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Do you struggle to know God’s will for your life? Do you wish He would just spell it out clearly to you or say it loudly, so you knew that was the voice of God?

If we are honest, I think a lot of us struggle to hear the voice of God, so I am excited for this podcast episode. I am talking with Jody Gras. She is going to share her story and give us wisdom on how to hear the voice of God—how to discern if God is speaking to us. There are some real practical tools on this episode, and I think you are really going to love it.

We also talk about surrender on this episode, and I shared how I throw rocks at the beach as a physical act of surrender. For more details, check out the blog post I wrote called Rock Therapy.

Book Recommendations:

Jody Gras has been on staff at Emmanuel Reformed Church in Paramount, California since 2005, where she is the Director of Adult Discipleship and Leadership Development. Jody attended Sioux Falls Seminary where she received her Master of Arts in Christian Leadership. She has a podcast called “Real Sisters, Real Talk” with her sister, where they talk about what they are learning in their walk with God. Jody loves studying and teaching the word of God. It is her deep desire to help people lean into a more intimate relationship with Him. She has been married since 1990 and she and her husband have two adult children. 

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