Rock Therapy

There is something powerful for doing something physically that symbolizes how you feel emotionally.

As I closed my car door, I immediately felt the ocean breeze against my face. Instantly, all the burdens and stress from my week started to float away. The sound of the crashing waves was calming to my soul.

Walking barefoot through the sand, I could feel the warmth of the sun beating down. It was warming my heart too. As I stood admiring the beautiful view in front of me, I pondered how many rocks I would need today.

Throwing rocks at the beach has become a physical act of surrender for me.

This special practice of letting go began four years ago after reading a book where the author tossed rocks to release something heavy she had been carrying for years.  I have modified her idea and now I throw rocks for all areas in my life that I want to fully surrender to God and let go of the control.

I always throw a rock for each of my children as I ask God for wisdom in parenting them. I toss rocks for my ministry: my podcast, my writing, my speaking, and my book. Anything that is weighing me down and I need to release, I grab a rock. It could be a person, a situation, even a dream that God has placed on my heart.  Sometimes I pick up larger, heavier rocks to represent bigger things in my life.

Before I propel that rock into the water with all my might, I share what I am surrendering to God. Sometimes I will have journaled about this before I arrive to the beach.  Other times, I have brought my journal to the beach to write and sometimes I just verbally talk to God before releasing each rock.

I know it is hard to relinquish control.

Even though I know God is asking me to fully let go of my plans and give him full reign over my life, I struggle. Maybe you do too.

Sometimes I have the best intentions as I open my hands and surrender a specific issue or incident to God. However, just hours or days later, I am tempted to easily pick it back up and try to control it again. Can you relate?

As someone who has struggled with control, this physical act of surrender by hurling rocks has been life-changing for me.  I like to call it Rock Therapy because it is therapeutic to do a physical act for how you feel emotionally.

Do you have something in your life that you need to surrender and fully let go to God? 

  • A person that you need to forgive.
  • A dream that you need to surrender completely to God.
  • A child that you want to release to God and allow God’s purpose for their life to flourish.

I encourage you to try this physical act of surrender today. You do not have to be at the beach. You can throw rocks at a lake, on a hike, or in your backyard.

As you physically let go of that rock, I pray you can emotionally let go of the burden you are carrying.

As you release your plans, your loved ones, your dreams, I pray this physical act of surrender sets you free so you can grasp God’s amazing plans instead. 

So who is ready to throw some rocks?

Love, Jodi

Note: These pictures were taken at Doheny Beach on Easter Sunday 2021 when I threw some rocks and surrendered to God. I hope this post encourages you to want to surrender too!

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