Lessons from the Good Samaritan

Her words are powerful.

So thankful for Grace’s wisdom in my podcast this week. She vulnerably shares her story of being an African American growing up in the United Stated.  I was deeply saddened by how our fellow Americans treated her and her family. Racism is horrible.

Even in the middle of the terrible circumstances, Grace’s parents taught her an important lesson to love whomever her path crossed.  She was shown to love her neighbor.

In the Bible, Jesus is asked, “Who is our neighbor?” He answers with the parable of the Good Samaritan.  I love how Grace shares 4 important lessons from this parable in my podcast this week.  I pray these truths help us move toward unity.

First, we need to see. In the story, the Samaritan opened his eyes and saw the man lying hurt in the road.  The priest and Levite did not stop and look; they purposely avoided him.

Second, the Samarian had compassion on the man.  Just picture how our world would look if we had more compassion for one another.

Third, he leaned in. He got on his knees and began to treat his wounds. He began to have a relationship with this hurt man.

Fourth, the Good Samaritan took action!  He loaded the man on his horse, took him to a nearby inn and paid for his care. 

Friend, which one of these 4 action steps can you do today to help us move toward racial unity.  Maybe you just need to have your eyes opened to the truth that racism is still happening. Perhaps you need to have compassion on our fellow Americans who are being treated differently.  Maybe you need to lean in and begin to have a relationship with those who look different than you.  Perhaps you need to take action!

I love these practical steps that Grace shared this week on the podcast. I love that her parents modeled having a Christ-like love and attitude toward others even in the midst of the persecution.  There is so much we can learn, and I pray today we are open to understanding more and truly leaning in to help!  

Below is a link to my conversation with Grace on the podcast this week. I promise you do not want to miss her wisdom.

Depth Podcast Link

Love, Jodi

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