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Depth Podcast Episode 41: Inspiring Writer — Pamela Henkelman

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I talk with Pamela Henkelman, a fellow Hope Writer whose passion is encouraging women.  I love how she inspires women to connect with God as well as help them see themselves as God sees them!  Pamela understands the connection between intimacy with God and knowing her identity in God and wants to help us see this connection too.

Pamela also has a powerful testimony of how she met Jesus. Honestly, I love all the miraculous stories she shares on the podcast. God has shown up big in her life even through some of the hardest times!  She loves to encourage women to be vulnerable and share their God stories. Honestly, this is my favorite part.

I promise you that you do not want to miss her wisdom.

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Pamela is an enthusiastic encourager. She believes all of life flows from our intimacy with God. She helps women build a close connection with God and understand their identity in Christ, as beloved. She teaches women to release people-pleasing, approval-seeking, and shame through her coaching, writing and speaking.

Pamela lives in the midwest and is married to her Pastor. They have five adult children and two grandsons and will celebrate 33 years of marriage in October.

You can find her monthly newsletter, Be[Loved] Notes on her website,  Her newsletter includes, Be[Loved] Woman’s Story, teaching, coaching, and insights on how to move forward in our relationship with God and our identity in Christ.

For fun, Pamela enjoys deep conversations over coffee, time spent laughing with anyone, and cooking delicious food.

You can find Pamela on Facebook,  She also has a private Facebook Group for women called Be[Loved] Community. 

You can find her on Instagram\

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