How A Decade of Infertility Transformed Into A Powerful Testimony of Faith & Hope

For years, my husband and I dreamed of building a loving, vibrant family. As time passed, we were confronted with the heart-wrenching reality that starting a family was not as simple as we once envisioned.

This is the poignant story of our decade-long struggle with infertility, the profound sorrow of recurrent pregnancy loss, and the life-changing strength provided by our faith that brought us healing and an abundance of unforeseen blessings.

The early years of our marriage were filled with joy, laughter, and grand plans for our future family. As teachers, we eagerly envisioned holding our own flesh and bones in our arms and witnessing tiny feet echoing through the halls of our home.

Yet, month after month, our hopes were crushed as pregnancy tests turned negative, and the overwhelming weight of infertility consumed us.

Each single line pregnancy test felt like a dagger to my heart, causing a deep sorrow and an ache that engulfed me. We sought medical assistance, underwent countless tests and procedures, and endured the emotional turmoil of fertility treatments. Despite all our efforts, every attempt at in vitro fertilization (IVF) failed and each pregnancy ended in loss, amplifying our heartbreak.

While friends celebrated pregnancies and baby showers whispered promises of bliss, our home remained barren and echoing with emptiness. The mere sight of a pregnant woman sparked a bittersweet envy within me that I struggled to overcome.

The journey took a more agonizing turn when we were met with recurrent miscarriages.

The first loss was a sudden, crushing blow that shook our lives to the core. Every positive pregnancy test was met with cautious optimism but ended too soon with devastating loss. With each catastrophic setback, our hope dwindled and our souls were battered by sorrow.  The weight of our burdens seemed too heavy to bear.  Our aspirations of parenthood seemed to fade away with every tear shed and each heartbeat lost. Two more losses followed, leaving us shattered and sinking further into grief and despair.

Amidst the darkness, we turned to our faith.

We leaned on God with all our might, seeking solace in His promises and finding hope in His love. Our prayers became fervent, and with each plea, we discovered newfound strength to endure the painful anguish that surrounded us. Slowly, we learned to let go of our desire for control and place our trust fully in Him.

We discovered that through faith, there was a glimmer of hope, and a newfound strength began to grow within us. 

As years went by, we realized that our journey to parenthood might not unfold as we had anticipated. We shifted our focus toward other avenues. We embarked on the adoption process, which offered a ray of hope in a time of hopelessness. Our dear friends reached out to us about a boy being placed for adoption.  After completing all the necessary paperwork, we embarked on a cross-country trip to meet the toddler.  However, the night before our scheduled meeting, we learned the child’s grandparents were going to adopt him.

Despite experiencing disappointment and setbacks in the adoption process, we never lost sight of the hope that fueled our journey.

After enduring countless heartaches and over a decade marked by uncertainty, the long-awaited miracle we had been waiting for finally arrived. Against all odds, we not only received the news of a positive pregnancy, but our much-desired baby was born naturally 36 weeks later. Subsequently, a set of twins blessed our lives 27 months thereafter.

The overwhelming joy that flooded our hearts surpassed anything we had ever known. 

Every sleepless night, every tear shed, and every heartbreak we experienced transformed into a powerful testimony to our unwavering faith and the incredible power of hope.

Our dreams became a reality, and we realized our journey had been filled with purpose all along. 

Our decade-long struggle with infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss proved to be one of the most grueling and heartbreaking experiences we have ever faced.

But it also served as a catalyst, leading us to a profound understanding of the true meaning of love, resilience, and the sheer power of the hope we can find in the Lord.

As we look into the eyes of our three miracle boys, we are reminded that life’s greatest treasures often come from the most arduous journeys.

Through our faith, we discovered that while the agony of infertility may forever be etched in our hearts, it is ultimately His triumphant tale of overcoming adversity that shines the brightest.

Dr. Patti Schultz is a seasoned public school principal, adjunct professor, interpreter, teacher of the deaf, and mom of three boy miracles. Hailing from Michigan, Patti seasonally resides in the scenic Las Vegas Black Mountain area, where she enjoys the company of three generations of her family.


  1. Jackie Freeman on December 13, 2023 at 9:54 am

    Patti Schultz’s article gives hope to those struggling with infertility. Her journey of relying on her faith in God and His divine timing provides hope for everyone walking through hard times. May God continue to bless her, her family, and her ministry.

    • Jodi Rosser on December 14, 2023 at 7:38 am

      Jackie, I totally agree- Patti’s article definitely gives hope to those struggling with infertility! Thankful for her beautiful Heartbreak to Strength story!

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