Hearing God Speak Will Deepen Your Faith

There are some moments in our faith walk that we will never forget. Maybe it was a time you felt a nudge from God or heard him speak a truth into your heart.  For me, it was the latter. 

Let’s flashback to 2018: I had recently started writing weekly on my blog. The year before that God had placed a book idea into my heart, and I was just beginning to create my first book proposal. Originally, I thought it would only be on my divorce, but I felt God say in my heart, “There are two other heartbreaks that need to go into this book.” As I thought about my miscarriage and losing my friend to cancer, I was stunned as I realized most women have walked through one of these losses or knew someone who had.

Grateful for God’s words, I thought to myself, How do you write a book with three different storylines?

This question became my prayer request for the next two months.

Interestingly, when I began writing every Wednesday, I would pray every Tuesday night for God to give me the words He wanted me to share. Each Wednesday morning at 5:00am, I would wake up with stories and phrases dancing in my head that I knew were from God.

If he can do it each week for my blog, I knew He would be faithful for my book.

So in addition to praying for my weekly posts, I prayed for God to speak to me and give me a clear vision for my book.

The answer to this prayer is one of those marked moments in time for my faith.

My youngest son was in 5th grade, and we had an hour-long bus drive to his field trip. Assuming I would sit next to my friend and gib gab the whole way, I did not bring a book or anything to do for the lengthy ride. She ended up sitting next to the teacher, and I sat next to a mom I had never met. We did not have much in common, and I found myself sitting there quietly with a whole lot of time on my hands.

I truly believe God needed me to be still and completely silent, so I could hear him loud and clear.

To read how God spoke to me on that bus ride, click the link below for the rest of my guest post.

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