Exciting News: Free Ticket For You!

I am so excited to be speaking at the Life on Purpose Summit! I am equally excited to let you know that I have a FREE TICKET just for you!

The goal for this summit is to encourage you in purposeful faith!

For 5 days, starting November 2nd, writer/speaker Katy Epling is bringing together teaching and resources from 18 speakers and authors who have found their identity and purpose in God. You’ll hear about everything from faith & family to healing from heartbreak & loss to ministry & handling the overwhelm of everyday life—and more.

I am speaking on healing from heartbreak, and my message is titled Hope for the Hurting Heart.

Friend, if you are walking through a difficult season, I would love to offer you Hope! Hope that God can take your broken pieces and turn them into something beautiful!

My desire is to help you move from a place of heartbreak to strength by sharing with you an acrostic for HOPE. This is not your own strength, but God’s strength as you depend on Him in the middle of the difficult circumstances.

I cannot wait to encourage you! I hope you will join me and register for this summit! Life on Purpose Registration Page

The best part? It’s totally free! Click here for your FREE TICKET!

I am so excited for you to hear all the speakers! Many of them have also been on my Depth Podcast which is exciting: Rebekah Lyons, Kaitlyn Bouchillon, Michelle Nietert, Becky Beresford, Sara R. Ward, Pamela Henkelman and Eva Kubasiak. Honestly, I cannot wait to hear all of the speakers share at the Life of Purpose Summit.

If you are not able to listen to the summit live, you can also get your hands on the All-Access Pass for a reduced price right now of $17!

With the All Access Pass you’ll get Summit Recordings, VIP Speaker Bonuses and more. Check it out here! Life on Purpose All Access Pass

Again, so excited to have you join me at the Life on Purpose Summit!

Love, Jodi

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