Depth Podcast Episode 174: Letter To Younger Self — Jodi Rosser

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Have you ever written a letter to your younger self? Maybe you want to share the truths you wish you knew 10 years younger or 20 years ago. Perhaps they are about your marriage, parenting, friendships, or just life. If you heard my episode last week, I talked with Jennifer Dukes Lee about her new guided journal which is full of a lot of questions to self-reflect on. One of them was about writing a letter to your younger self and we talked about it on her podcast episode.

I wrote a letter in 2018 back to my younger self, twenty years younger. I was planning to read this letter at the end of Jennifer’s episode. It was longer than I remembered, so I decided to make it its own special episode. I cannot wait for you to hear the truths I learned through all the hard seasons of my life and what I wish I knew on my wedding day. After recording, I decided this will be a beautiful gift to give each of my sons when they are ready to get married.

I highly encourage you to write a letter to your younger self too! What truths has God shown you now that you are older and wiser? What do you wish you could go back in time and tell the younger you? What truths would you share with your kids as they approach that same age?

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