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Depth Podcast Episode 166: Bible Shoes — Samaritan Woman at the Well

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Have you ever tried to avoid other people because there was something in your life that you did not want them to know? Maybe it was about your family or a life circumstance you were walking through. Perhaps it was just a feeling or an emotion you were experiencing.

I think we can all relate to this which is why I am super excited for my second Bible Shoes to highlight the Samaritan woman at the well. You might be thinking: Wait a minute, I don’t connect at all with that woman’s life circumstances. But today I want to ask you do you connect with her emotionally.

Is there something you are hiding that you don’t want other people to know? Maybe you struggle with anxiety or depression, and you haven’t shared that with anyone. Perhaps there is something happening with one of your kids and you don’t want others to know. Or maybe it is you personally. I know for me, walking through my divorce I was ashamed, and I did not want others to know.

So today, I want to focus on this story, because I think we can relate to this story on an emotional level, and I love how Jesus treats this woman with such love and compassion. In fact, I love what happens after her encounter with Jesus. Cannot wait for us to enter into her shoes.

If you missed my introduction a couple weeks ago, I am going to be picking one person in the Bible and I am going to try to put myself in their shoes. I am going to ask myself, what are they thinking? What are they feeling? How does this relate to us in present day? Check out this blog post to explain it.

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