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205. One Exceptional Journey From Sorrow to Joy — Wendy Wallace

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Have you ever had to journey from sorrow to joy? Have you ever walked through some really hard circumstances, and you said, “God this is not what I wanted for my life.” But then as you walked through the journey with God, you found on the other side, purpose to your pain and a joy you never had before.

I am so excited for you to hear from my guest this week, Wendy Wallace. I met her through the Radiant Resilience Summit just last year and she has a phenomenal, inspiring story and I cannot wait for you to hear it. We are going to call it: One Exceptional Journey from Sorrow to Joy. You do not want to miss her powerful testimony as well as her sharing about her bible study: From Sorrow to Joy: Walking With God Through Sadness. I know you are going to learn so much from Wendy!

Also, I am so excited for someone to win a copy of Wendy’s Bible study: From Sorrow to Joy: Walking With God Through Sadness. All the details of the book giveaway are on my website at jodisnowdon.com or you can click this direct link: https://kingsumo.com/g/ookfva/from-sorrow-to-joy-bible-study

Book Recommendation: Depth: Growing Through Heartbreak to Strength by Jodi Rosser

Wendy Wallace is a wife, mom, Memaw, Christian Living and Positivity coach, Inspirational blogger, and author. She is also a quadruple amputee. She loves spending time with her family, talking to her flowers, and eating lots of ice cream. 

A flesh-eating bacterial infection resulted in a coma, a 3-month hospital stay, and amputations of both hands and both feet.  What you might consider the worst thing that could’ve happened, actually was for her good and God’s glory.  By God’s wonderful grace, she is living “One Exceptional Life” where, in true form with 2 Corinthians 1:4, God comforted her in all her tribulations so that she can comfort, encourage, and lead other women in theirs. 

Her mission is to help women rediscover God’s joy and peace amid the trials of life by living a balanced virtuous life.  You can find her at One Exceptional Life, where she writes about overcoming challenges, spiritual growth, joy, peace, gratitude, and positivity. You can also connect with her on Instagram.

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