She Believed God Could and She Did

I was elated as I read her post.

“Just one letter makes a difference,” she said.  These words just popped off the page and into my heart.

You see, there is a popular saying, “She believed she could so she did!”  Have you heard of it?  It is stating that we can work hard and do anything, but for some reason, I want to change the words.

I wish it could read, “She believed God could and she did!”

I know for me that God has been the one opening doors in my ministry and providing in ways I never knew possible. Yes, I am doing the hard work, but God is guiding me.

Well my friend, Becky Beresford, shared with me that she changed just one letter of this popular saying.  Her words rocked my world and I was giddy with excitement over this one letter change. 

“She believed HE could so she did!”

Do you see the simple change from she to He?  I believe that one letter makes such a difference!  I now LOVE the new saying!

I called Becky on the phone and told her my excitement over this new revelation.  I told her I was given a sign that said the original saying and how I just wished that I could add God to it.  This simple letter change was something I could physically do to this artwork and I could not wait to change it!  

Friend, God is in control! 

He is the one orchestrating and guiding us!  We do have a choice whether we follow His lead and how much effort and hard work we put into it.  I think that is what these new words convey to me!

So, I want you to remember this today!  “She Believed He could so she did!”

Love, Jodi

Exciting announcement: I am so elated to share that my friend Becky just released her first book and the title is those exact words: She Believed He could so she did! I highlight her new book on the Depth podcast this week and I promise you that you do not want to miss one word of it. Check out this Episode 204 with Becky Beresford!

We recently did a zoom call together. It was so special to hold up our signs together! See picture below.

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