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203. Embrace Your Roles — Jodi Rosser

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Happy New Year! I am so excited you are joining me in 2024.

Have you ever stopped and evaluated the roles you have in your life? The ones that God has given you?

Today, I thought it would be fun to talk about the roles we have in life and how we can embrace these roles. I love that my mentor models this so well. She recently said to me, “Sometimes you need to step back in one role, so you can step up in another.” I love this quote, and so today, I want to encourage you to make a list of your roles, pray and ask God what roles He may be asking you to add to your list and what roles He may be encouraging you to let go.

I recently did this and I share on the podcast what I felt God was asking me to do!

You don’t want to miss my big announcement!

I also encourage you to do this too- the beginning of a New Year is an excellent time to ponder how you want to spend your 2024 and in what capacity!

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