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183. Jennifer Dukes Lee — It’s All Under Control

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Have you heard my first episode with Jennifer Dukes Lee with her book, *It’s All Under Control? We recorded it back in 2019. Honestly, she was my second interview ever on the podcast (Episode 3). It was really fun to talk with her since I was on her book launch team for that very book. This episode has so many practical tools to help you especially if you struggle with control and surrender. My word this year is surrender so it was so fun to go back and listen to this episode in light of that.

One of my favorite quotes in this book as well as on this episode is “We surrender outcomes, but we don’t surrender effort.” I loved that reminder, so I think you are going to learn so much from Jennifer.

Note: Jennifer has been a guest three times on my podcast! The first time is this repeat episode we are listening to today about her book, *It’s All Under Control

Her second time on the podcast we talked about her book, *Growing Slow. You can check out our conversation on the Depth Podcast Episode 80. I cannot wait for you to hear about the four seasons: Spring Planting, Summer Growth, Autumn Harvest and Winter Rest

Finally, she came back for a 3rd time on the podcast to talk about her latest book, *Stuff I’d Only Tell God: A Guided Journal of Courageous Honesty, Obsessive Truth-Telling, and Beautifully Ruthless Self-Discovery. You definitely want to check out Depth Podcast Episode 173.

Book Recommendations:

Jennifer Dukes Lee is a bestselling author, thinker, and question asker from Iowa. Her friends say they are scared to sit alone in a room with her because they end up telling her things they never intended to say. She is both proud of this fact and also a little annoyed at how nosy she can be. She put a bunch of her favorite questions into a journal called *Stuff I’d Only Tell God. It’s like your own little confession booth. She’s also the author of *Growing Slow and *It’s All Under Control. Learn more at

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