Rock Therapy

There is something therapeutic for doing something physical for how you feel emotionally. I found this to be true when I cracked a clay pot and I found it to be true again by throwing rocks. Let me explain in more detail.

Over Father’s Day weekend, my boys were up north with their dad and I enjoyed a day alone at the beach. This is one of my favorite things to do; the beach is my happy place and I love sitting there reading with the sound of the crashing waves. It is like therapy to me! So, this weekend, not only was I reading but I had gone to the beach on a mission- to throw rocks.

Just weeks before, I was reading a book and the chapter was called tossing rocks. Listen to what she says, “There’s something incredibly freeing about naming the things that are hanging us up, claiming the promises of God over them, and then letting them go.” The author talks about this special place to her family called the Lodge in Canada.   She says, “Tossing rocks into the water has always been a tradition for our friends at the Lodge. It’s a way of symbolizing something they’ve been carrying around for years, and no longer has a place in their life. It’s a tangible sign of letting go.” I loved this idea and decided I was going to do this at the beach.

So before I left that morning, I wrote in my journal what I needed to let go and also what I wanted to fully surrender to God that day at the beach. I think sometimes as women we want control and I felt God was asking me to fully let go of my plans and give him full reigns over my life. After journaling that morning, I had decided to throw 6 rocks representing different areas in my life that I needed to let God take control.

Again, there is something freeing and therapeutic about doing something physical for how you are feeling emotionally. When I got to the beach, I gathered different rocks. Some bigger than others- honestly, one thing felt super big so I wanted a super big rock to represent it. One at a time, I quietly talked to myself about what I was letting go and surrendering and then I tossed that rock into the water.   It was very special and I plan to do this often.

I highly recommend it to you too. Do you have something in your life that you need to let go of?

A person that you need to forgive                                                                                                       A dream that you need to surrender fully to God                                                                       A child that you want to release to God and allow God’s purpose for their life to flourish

The book I was reading and would like to recommend for August is called “Love Lives Here: Finding What You Need In A World Telling You What You Want” by Maria Goff. I was excited to read this book because about 3 years ago, I read her husband’s book, “Love Does: Discover A Secretly Incredible Life In A Ordinary World” by Bob Goff. Note- this is another phenomenal book that I recommend too! Bob’s stories in his book were mind blowing and captivating so I could not wait to read from the perspective of his wife. So glad that I did- it was a wonderful book. Again, I highly recommend it.


I mentioned their Lodge to you- honestly, this place sounds amazing!! What I love most about the Lodge is that the Goffs use it to bless many people- pastors to get a weekend away, friends to come rejuvenate… Interestingly, I have read a couple other books where the author talks about going to their Lodge and how life changing it was. In fact, at church this weekend, the speaker mentioned going there too. It must truly be a special place.

In her book, Maria sadly talks about a fire that happened at their lodge and how heartbreaking its loss was. So I would like to end this post with her chapter on loss because I know some people are hurting and grieving right now. She says, “Loss visits all of us. None of us gets to opt out. Rather than praying that I never experience loss again, my prayer has been that God would show me what’s possible on the other side of the loss. While we’re waiting to find out what God might have for us, we might be sad for a while but we’re not going to be stuck.” I love her perspective. First of all, instead of asking why me, she asks what does God have for me on the other side of this loss? Secondly, she knows there will be sadness for a while. I think everyone needs to allow themselves time to grieve and feel the emotions. But I love that she says we will not get stuck there.

If you have experienced a loss recently, let me first say that I am truly so sorry. I know the pain is real. I will be praying that you can lean on God through this hard time because He is faithful. I know this first hand but I know it is not easy. I want to end the post with this quote from her book; I hope it encourages you like it did me. “What I think God does is to allow each of us to go through difficult times to show us His presences through it. It’s as if He reminds each of us in our most difficult circumstances that the most beautiful waterfalls only happen in the steepest places in our lives.”

Dear God, I love that you will make beauty out of ashes. I love that you take our pain and use it for a purpose. I pray for those in the midst of a hard time right now that you will comfort them and give them strength. Thank you for your presence during these difficult times. Please make beautiful waterfalls in these steep places in our lives. In Jesus name, Amen

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