Ready to Launch: 3 ways to process your emotions from letting go

“It is time for him to soar,” I said to my friend this past week. She was calling to check in on me and see how I was doing.

Just 3 months before, I was sitting in the stands and cheering on my oldest son, Kyle, as he walked across a stage in a cap and a gown. High school graduation was a huge milestone in his life.  It was big for me too.

My first born was all grown up.

I cannot believe I will be driving him to school in just a little over a week, I thought as my friend asked me how I was feeling. I honestly found myself stuck between two views.

On one hand, I was so excited for him. College was some of the best years of my life and I could not wait for him to experience it. But there was also a sadness as I thought about his empty seat at the dinner table. We were already a family of 3, now we will be down to 2.

Letting go is not easy. Launching our children into the world so they can soar is hard.

Buying new bedding, packing up clothes, picking what will stay and what will go. The to do list seems simple but feels heavy.

How do you get ready to launch?

I am brand new to this and honestly, don’t know exactly. But one thing I do know is all these changes leave us full of emotions. Here are some healthy ways to process all the feelings. I hope they help you if you find yourself in the middle of a transition.

1. Journal all your feelings

Writing out my emotions has always helped me through other new situations both heartbreaking and exciting. I feel like this is a mixture of the two. I have shared how I am feeling to friends and family, so now it is time to get my pen and paper and just write it all out. I have found it therapeutic to release it all on paper and invite God into the middle of it.

2. Write your child a letter.

I have already begun a letter to my son letting him know how proud I am of the young man he has become!  I plan to give it to him this week. Again, writing for me is healing. If writing is not your thing, then express it verbally. It is important they know all our sentiments and just how proud we are!

3. Remember God’s got this!

Finally, remember that as you release them into the world, God still has them! This has really helped me over the years when my kids have been away from home. I always lean into the truth that God loves my children more than me. He will guide and direct them when I cannot. Honestly, this is what we want for our adult children. We want God at the wheel of their car as we get ready to launch them.

These next weeks, I am praying for all the parents who will be dropping off their children at college. I know you will be leaving a little bit of your heart with them. I will be too!  Just remember, it is time for them to soar!

Love, Jodi

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