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Thank you for pre-ordering my book, Depth! Excited to give you the the first chapters of my book as well as a beautiful tree with deep roots artwork painted by my friend.

Depth Book on Tree Picture

Depth: Growing Through Heartbreak to Strength PreOrder Gifts

My friend and artist, DJ Hejtmanek created a beautiful piece of artwork for you. She painted a tree with deep roots on a 11x14 canvas using oil paints! It is breathtaking, and I am excited to share that I have three versions for you to choose from:

1)    The tree artwork with the words: Depth Matters (a favorite phrase from my Depth Podcast) along with the verse reference.

2)    The tree artwork with the powerful verse in Jeremiah about a tree with deep roots (Jeremiah 17: 7-8)

3)    The tree artwork with the word, Depth, along with a reference to the Jeremiah verse.

DJ is a very talented artist, and I would love for you to check out her website and see her other amazing creations. There is a link to her Etsy shop as well as her art gallery.

In addition to the lovely artwork, I would like to share with you the beginning of the book. The book contains an acrostic for the word, STRENGTH and I would like to give you the first chapter and the S & T section of the acrostic for you to begin reading even before the book releases.

I am excited to gift you the first 7 chapter of the book!

Quick note: Understanding that many of my readers are walking through heartbreaking circumstances, each chapter averages 2,000 words. I intentionally wrote these chapters shorter so they can be read in one sitting. There is a bible verse cited at the beginning of each and a truth statement and prayer at the end of each chapter.

Praying these words help another hurting heart along their journey from Heartbreak to Strength!

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