Listen to God’s Nudges

Has God ever placed someone’s name on your heart? You knew He wanted you to reach out to this person and let them know you were thinking of them either with an encouraging text or a meaningful phone call. 

Maybe it wasn’t even someone you knew. You bumped into someone at a store and God stirred in you to help them.

This is the power of a nudge from the Holy Spirit.

I think many of us including myself go through our day with our minds focused on our to do list and our problems. When we do this, we miss opportunities in front of us.

What if we turned our focus more onto others and opened our eyes to the needs of people around us.

Imagine for a minute what our world would look like.

  • A friend carrying a meal to her neighbor’s home. Their family recently lost their father to cancer, and each day is an emotional and financial struggle.
  • A young child bringing a smile to a lonely, elderly women living in an assisted care facility. He is carrying a basket and delivering treats to each room.
  • A stranger helping a young, sleep-deprived mom load her groceries in her car as her baby is crying and the mom is ready to break into tears herself.

There are many hurting hearts this Christmas season who want to be seen and loved. What if we could show them we care as we listen to God’s nudges on our hearts.

Maybe your act of kindness is exactly what the other person needs. 

This is not always easy. It requires not only our obedience, but our full surrender to live daily connected to God. 

If I am honest, some days, I wake up and start my day without first connecting with my Creator. Those days, I most likely miss some divine appointments.

Today, I want to encourage us to stop and spend time with God. As we open our Bible and get into the Word, we will be ready for whatever He has planned for us today.

Perhaps, you are the answer to someone else’s prayer.

Praying today as we will listen to God’s nudges.

Love, Jodi

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