How to Replace Busy With Rest

In a world full of BUSY, it is important to be intentional about REST.

Rest is necessary for good health; yet is commonly overlooked. With busy as our new norm, we are pushing our bodies at a record pace.

What if we changed our thinking about rest and purposely schedule breaks into our calendars? Below are three tangible ways to make rest a priority in your life.

1. Create margin in your life.

It took years for me to learn that I needed to have chunks of white space on my calendar where nothing was planned. In the past, I would schedule every minute of the day. Then, when unforeseen circumstances like a flat tire, traffic, or a sick child would arrive, I was sent into a frenzy. Can anyone relate?   

By having these pockets of free time in my schedule, I could last minute offer to take a meal to a family that needed help, or I could read longer with my kids at night before bed. The constant pace of busy slowed down with this extra time in my schedule. As you plan your week, I challenge you to add margin on your calendar. It is life changing.

2. Recognize signs that you need more rest.

Even with margin, there will be weeks when we are living at full capacity because of Holidays, family birthday celebrations, our jobs, or unforeseen circumstances. When this happens, it is important to recognize signs that you need more rest. Listen to your body. For me, I know I am pushing myself for too long when I start to feel it in my throat as well as my whole body is fatigued when I wake up in the morning. This is a sign that I need to go to bed early the following evening and get more rest.

Another sign for me is laundry. I can gage how busy I am on whether my sons and I are digging through a heap of clean clothes to find something to wear versus they are clean in our closets. Some weeks in life will be busier than others, so remember to recognize the signs, listen to your body, and get the proper rest before you are completely laid out sick. 

To read the third way, head over to the Growing Moms In God’s Word Website by clicking this link.

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