Hope for the Weary

I was completely exhausted. Collapsing into bed at night, I started to wonder if I was doing more than what God had called me to do.  Maybe you can relate.

What if God doesn’t want us to DO more for Him, but instead desires us to BE still in His Presence.

This relationship between doing and being is so important.   Many times, I get the order wrong. Maybe you do too.  We get so excited about the calling on our lives that we want to do great things for God before we actually spend time being with God.   Instead of reading His Word and talking to Him through prayer first, we dive right into accomplishing what we know He has placed on our heart.  Maybe this is why we are so tired. 

We need to BE with God before we can go DO great things for God. 

Last Friday, I had the privilege of attending a Propel event with Christine Caine.  She encouraged us to “stop striving and start sitting”.  She shared the importance of first taking a seat in rest with God and then He will allow us to stand, walk, and run in our ministry.   Sadly, some of us are burning out because we are trying to run and walk in our callings before we have sat and filled up with our time with Christ.

I love this verse, Isaiah 40: 31.  My sister made me this wooden sign, and it hangs in my kitchen as a daily reminder to me to completely trust and rely on God’s strength.  Honestly, this is the key to “running and not growing weary; walking and not growing faint.” 

Do you want to complete the call on your life? Do you want to live out your purpose? It is not about striving more or doing more.  It is not even about mustering up more of your own strength. 

Instead, it is about being in the Word of God.  It is about being still and waiting for God’s lead.  It is about fully relying on God’s strength and perfect timing. 

Friends, I love that God has placed a God-sized dream on your heart!  I am thrilled that you are living out His purpose in your life.  My prayer for both you and me is that we will remember the importance of daily being with God FIRST so through His strength and His power, we can fulfill the callings on our life.  Like Isaiah 40:31, we can soar on wings like eagles.  Friends, I cannot wait to see you SOAR!

Love, Jodi  

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