Growing Deep — Podcast Magazine Article

Growing Deeper in your faith and stronger in your relationships is my goal for my podcast listeners! I believe Depth matters! 

Recently, I had the privilege to share more about my Depth Podcast as well as some of my story in an interview for the Podcast Magazine’s Religion section. The picture above is a snapshot of the article. 

“Deeper roots don’t just happen overnight.”

This quote is also from the magazine article. Growing Deep roots involves intentionality!

Sadly it took me walking through my greatest heartbreak to see my need for growth. The grief from my divorce catapulted me into diving deeper into my Bible and reading Christian books. I was not able to handle it in my own strength. I needed to depend on God’s strength and comfort to get me through.   

Becoming more self-aware was a big part of my growth. I believe God used my heartbreaking circumstances to develop my character. He wanted to chisel and refine me. It was not fun or easy, but I love the more empathetic, more emotionally aware version of me now! 

I don’t want you to have to walk through a heartbreaking circumstance to desire depth. I encourage you to answer this question: What is one action step I can do today to become more Christ-like and grow my roots deeper? Then, partner with God and ask Him to show you where He wants to refine you.

Friend, embrace the chisel! 

I would love for you to read the entire article about Growing Deep. To do so, you will need to download the free app called Podcast Magazine. You can then select the November issue and download it onto your phone free of charge. My article is on page 40-42 so you have to scroll to find it! The magazine also did a blog post with part of the article. Here is a link!

Again, praying for you to grow deeper in your faith and stronger in your relationships! 

Love, Jodi

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