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Depth Podcast Episode 73: My Heart’s Garden — Charity Rios

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Do you have lies that you are believing that you need to replace with the truth? Perhaps you tell yourself, I am just not smart enough or brave enough. Maybe you don’t have enough time or you think you are not strong enough or good enough.  What if we could replace these lies with truth?

I am so excited to have Charity Rios on my podcast this week and we talk about her new children’s book, *My Heart’s Garden. This book shows us how to tend our hearts, to replace the weeds of lies with seeds of truth so our heart’s garden can thrive. Charity and I talk about common lies we struggle with, shame, the enemy, and the power of Scripture. I cannot wait for you to hear the practical examples of how to teach this to your kids. Honestly, I love when a children’s book can speak truth into adults just as much as the kids, and I believe this beautiful exchange from lies to truth is so important for all ages. I promise you do not want to miss Charity’s wisdom.

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Charity is a Jesus follower, Wife and Boy Mama to 4 of the wildest, and squishiest sets of dimpled cheeks. She is the author of the children’s picture book, *My Heart’s Garden and companion *My Heart’s Garden Workbook. Most days you can find her top knottin’ it, totin’ potties and rollin’ in the mini. The power of the gospel is her melody and unleashing women and children from captives into warriors is her passion. She has a Masters in Higher Education and has been a Children’s Pastor, Church Planter and Teacher. Charity would love to send you her Tending Tips emails: a simple weekly practice to connect deeper with Jesus. You can sign up at You can also connect with Charity at, on Instagram @claritywithcharity or Facebook @charityrios,author.

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