Don’t Miss Thanksgiving

Have you noticed that how easily the stores skip over Thanksgiving and go straight from Halloween to Christmas?

I know today is Halloween and I hope you have fun trick or treating with your kids or passing out candy to your neighbors.  But I want to challenge us to not miss Thanksgiving and go straight from Halloween into Christmas shopping, gifts and cards.

This November, let’s shine a spotlight on Thanksgiving!

Every year, I say I am going to write down something I am thankful for each day in November.  However, the craziness of the Holidays starts to occupy my mind and I easily forget the real reason we are celebrating both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I want to encourage us today to slow down and focus on giving thanks.

  • Give Thanks to God for His Love, Grace, Strength, Wisdom, Power and Comfort He offers to us daily.
  • Give Thanks to God for your loved ones in your life: your children, grandchildren, parents, siblings, spouse, or close friends.
  • Give Thanks to God for His provisions: your job, home, and food for your family.

An attitude of gratitude can make such an impact.

You may be walking through a season of heartbreak right now and you are not sure what to be thankful for in the middle of your storm.  I have been there and I know how truly difficult it can be.  I still want to encourage you to give thanks to God, no matter what circumstances you are facing.  Maybe you can thank Him for a friend walking through this hard time with you, or you can thank Him for His faithful presence each day as you cry out to Him in your grief.

Focus on the small gifts in the middle of the big storm: A gift of time, a gift of a friend, or a gift of an encouraging word.

Tomorrow morning, I will replace my “Happy Halloween” sign with this “Give Thanks” sign in front of my house.   It is a reminder to be intentional and thankful!

This year, my goal is to journal each day and write one thing I am thankful for each day in November!  Who wants to join me in being more grateful this year?

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