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Depth Podcast Episode 98: Pursuing Success God’s Way — Erin Harrigan

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Would you classify yourself as a hustler? A Go Getter? A Hard Worker? Would you say you hustle for yourself or do you have a God centered hustle?

I am so excited to have Erin Harrigan on the podcast this week as we discuss her book, *Pursuing Success God’s Way: A Practical Guide to Hustle With Heart. I love those words paired together, Hustle With Heart, and cannot wait to dive deeper into what that looks like as Erin shares her personal story of how God birthed this message in her. One of my favorite parts is when Erin talks about the importance of avoiding comparison as well as how to be on guard for Satan’s tactics to discourage us.

This episode is packed full of truth and wisdom that you do not want to miss.

Also, I am so excited for someone to win a copy of Erin’s book: *Pursuing Success God’s Way All the details of the book giveaway are on my website at or you can click this direct link:

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Erin Harrigan speaks, coaches, and writes on the power of trading in self-reliance for surrender to make God your business partner. As a recovering driver and striver, she teaches women how to pursue success God’s way to build a thriving business, and experience freedom from overwhelm, overachieving and under fulfillment.

Erin is a Christian wife, mom, avid traveler who loves tacos, guac and all things 80’s!

Her Hustle with Heart Course is coming! Get on the waiting list at

Check out her podcast, get chapter 1 of her book, and all the things at her website

Get to know Erin at:

FB: @thehustlewithheartcoach

IG: @erin_harrigan_entreprenur

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