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Depth Podcast Episode 45: Inspiring Writer — DJ Hetjmanek

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This week on the Depth Podcast, I talk with DJ Hejmanek, a fellow Hope Writer who loves to help others discover their unique calling. She believes it is foundational to know God as well as know how God designed you specifically.  Helping women understand their identity in Christ is one of her passions.

She is also passionate about helping others grow in their faith!  After developing a strong foundation, she loves to equip women by teaching them biblical principles that help them connect the dots spiritually.  Honestly, this is my favorite part of our conversation.

I promise you that you do not want to miss her wisdom.

Book Recommendations:

DJ Hejtmanek is passionate about equipping women to walk in freedom, to discover who they are and fulfill their calling in Christ. She is a development professional, currently raising funds for an international Christian organization. DJ has worn many hats in addition to fundraising – magazine editor, wife, radio broadcaster, blogger, Mom, public relations spokesperson, community college administrator, children’s book author, Bible teacher, JoJo’s dog trainer, “Dovie” to five little girls, and licensed minister. Her website/blog can be found at She is on Instagram @djhejtmanek and Facebook @knowingyourgod. DJ and husband Louis have been married 38 years, live in Broken Arrow, OK, and have two married children and five beautiful granddaughters living nearby. 

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