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Depth Podcast Episode 19: Totally Desperate Mom — Wendy Hagen

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Are you a mom?  Do you find that some days being a mom is so rewarding, but other days, it can be very challenging?  If this describes you, then you do not want to miss my conversation with my friend, Wendy Hagen.  On the podcast, we discuss her book, *Totally Desperate Mom: Keeping’ it Real in the Motherhood.  Wendy shares personal stories along her journey as a mom; some will make you laugh out loud and others will make you cry.   Friends you do not want to miss her encouragement and helpful tips.  Praying this episode encourages you as a mom!

I promise you that you do not want to miss our conversation.

Wendy is a spirited and gifted communicator whose wit, honesty, and passion for the Lord are evident whenever she speaks.  She earned a degree in Communication Studies from UCLA, which did nothing to prepare her for her future endeavors… the motherhood.  Thankfully, Wendy spent several years in Hollywood as a childhood actress, which allowed her to hone her entertaining skills, which are now sometimes appreciated by her three children: ages 11, 13, and 16. Wendy recently joined the staff at Teen Esteem, a local non-profit that educates and empowers students, parents and educators about the challenges young people face in our ever-changing youth culture.

Wendy is the author of *Totally Desperate Mom: Keeping’ it Real in the Motherhood.  Learn more about Wendy at wendyhagen.net and facebook.com/TotallyDesperateMom.

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