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Depth Podcast Episode 160: Beyond the Darkness — Clarissa Moll

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Have you ever wished you could have a conversation about grief and get really practical? How did you overcome this? How did you deal with hard emotions? How did you walk through your grief?

This week on the podcast, I have this honest conversation with Clarissa Moll about her new book, *Beyond the Darkness: A Gentle Guide for Living With Grief and Thriving after Loss. We talk about the myths of grief and just some practical tools that really helped Clarissa after her husband passed away in a tragic accident. One of my favorite parts is when we talk about emotions and I love this classroom setting illustration that Clarissa gave me. It really resonated with me and I hope it does with you too. You do not want to miss her wisdom.

Also, I am so excited for someone to win a copy of Clarissa’s book: *Beyond the Darkness. All the details of the book giveaway are on my website at or you can click this direct link:

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Clarissa Moll (MA, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is an author, a podcaster, and the young widow of author Rob Moll. Clarissa’s writing has appeared in Christianity TodayThe Gospel Coalition, RELEVANT, Modern Loss, Grief Digest and more. Her husband’s first book, The Art of Dying, was released in April 2021 with Clarissa’s new afterword. Clarissa’s debut book, *Beyond the Darkness: A Gentle Guide for Living With Grief and Thriving after Loss releases with Tyndale in 2022. Clarissa co-hosts Christianity Today’s “Surprised by Grief” podcast and hosts the weekly Hope*Writers podcast. She lives a joyful life with her four children and rescue pups and proudly calls both New England and the Pacific Northwest home.

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