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Depth Podcast Episode 148: Going in depth about Depth — Adam Colwell

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Have you ever worked with a coach? Maybe it was for a team sport. Or perhaps it was with a singing or writing coach.

I am so excited to introduce you to my writing coach, Adam Colwell. He is my guest on the podcast this week, and we’re going to go in depth about my book, Depth! I am so excited for you to hear a little bit of the process of the book editing and coaching near the end of this 5-year journey with the book. We will share some of the behind the scenes. I cannot wait for you to hear the parts that change from the original draft to the final one as well as redundancies and book clarity. He truly gives so much wisdom.

If you are a writer, you definitely do not want to miss this episode. We also talk a lot about waiting and God’s perfect timing; a message I need in the middle of this shipping delay. I think you are going to learn so much from him.

To learn more about this book, Depth, click this link to Jodi’s website!

Adam Colwell is an encourager and motivator whose passion is to help writers and authors tell their stories in their unique voice and style. He was honored to be chosen by Jodi to coach her as she wrote her book, and he is so excited to see what God is going to do in the lives of her readers. As a ghostwriter and editor, Adam has completed 59 book manuscripts with his clients for publication since 2013, and he is currently working on nine more book manuscripts. To learn more about Adam, go to or connect with him on LinkedIn at

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