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Depth Podcast Episode 144: An Honest Conversation about Loss & Cancer — Sophia and Jodi

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Have you ever struggled with why God did not answer your prayer the way you thought He should? I know I have. Honestly, one of the times that I really wrestled with God was over my friend, Jeannie. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and sadly four months later, she passed away. I had to wrestle a lot with God about that “why”. So today on the podcast, it is really exciting to talk with Jeannie’s daughter, Sophia.

Sophia is an amazing young woman, and we have an honest conversation about loss and cancer. It was really special to take a trip down memory lane with Sophia and talk with her about her mom, our friendship, and some of our favorite memories. We also talked about the loss and how hard it was. So, I recommend grabbing some tissues because there are some sad parts to our conversation.

But what I love most about it– is that it is honest and raw. And you are going to be so impressed with the maturity of this 19-year-old woman and how God met her in the pain and is using this loss to shape her character. I am so proud of her, and I know her mom is too.

My book, Depth: Growing Through Heartbreak to Strength is releasing at the end of August. So this month, I wanted to share a little bit about the three storylines in the book. Losing my friend, Jeannie to cancer is one of my greatest heartbreaks along with my divorce and miscarriage. So I hope this episode with her daughter, Sophia, helps give you a glimpse into my beautiful friendship with Jeannie.

If you are interested in pre-ordering my book, here is a link to Depth on Amazon. Also, the book launch team starts this next week. If you are interested in being a part of that, you can click this link to join the Book Launch Team.

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