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Depth Podcast Episode 126: My Yes Is On The Table — Jennifer Hand

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Have you ever let fear stop you from moving forward? Maybe it was the fear of failure? Maybe it is the fear of what others will think or say? Maybe it is the fear of if I heard God correctly and I am moving in the right direction?

If this is a struggle for you, then I am so excited to introduce you to Jennifer Hand. Her book, *My Yes Is On The Table: Moving From Fear to Faith is releasing this week. It is packed full of wisdom and honestly, I could have talked with Jenn all day about her book. My favorite quote from her book is “Help Me Move From Fear Stops to Faith Steps.” I promise you do not want to miss the truth she shares in this episode.

Also, I am so excited for someone to win a copy of Jenn’s book: *My Yes Is On The Table. All the details of the book giveaway are on my website at or you can click this direct link:

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Book Recommendation:

Jennifer Hand, Executive Director of Coming Alive Ministries, wishes she could sit down and have a strong cup of coffee with each of you and ask you what makes you come alive?

Jenn founded Coming Alive Ministries in 2012 and loves the honor of traveling nationally and internationally, providing the invitation to come alive in Christ through conferences, retreats, written resources and counseling.

Jenn has had the joy of serving in over 30 countries and speaking at around 40 events a year.  With her Master’s degree in trauma counseling, God has opened a unique door for Jenn to respond after natural disasters around the world, providing trauma counseling and the hope of Christ on the holy ground of suffering.

Jenn would love to keep up with you in her cozy internet corner of the world at or on social media @comingalivejenn or Jenn@comingaliveministries on facebook.

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