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Depth Podcast Episode 101: Celebrating 100 Episode– Favorite Highlights (Part 2)

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Did you hear last week’s episode? It is so exciting! I celebrated 100 episodes on the Depth Podcast last week! In honor of that, I share some of my favorite highlights—some of the behind the scenes and some of the God moments over the last couple years. I realized really quickly that I needed another episode that I could not fit it all in one, so this week, I am sharing Part 2 of celebrating 100 episodes! If you missed Part 1, I highly recommend checking it out.

But before I get to the episode, I wanted to tell you about hope writers! I actually counted up the episodes that I interviewed a Hope Writer! How many of the 100 episodes do you think were Hope Writers? I was pleasantly surprised with how many and would love for you to listen to the podcast to hear the exact number.

I have met some of the most amazing people through Hope Writers. They have inspiring stories. They are writers and authors, and it is such a great community. I am so excited to announce they are opening their doors for membership from Monday September 20th– Friday September 24th.  If you are a writer or you have a God Story in your heart and you are interested, I definitely encourage you to check out Hope Writers. Here is a direct link if you are interested in joining.

Favorite Episodes

Episode 37: John Brownlee — Father’s Day

Episode 60: Pat Brownlee — Family Traditions

Episode 34: Jamie Brownlee Turgeon — Special Mom Story

Episode 70: Brownlee Sisters — Love Languages

Episode 2: Milan and Kay Yerkovich — *How We Love Our Kids

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