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Dreams come in many forms. For some, it is a chance to meet a childhood hero. For others, it is a dream job or a fantasy vacation.

For me, this book is a dream come true!

Five years ago, God placed this book on my heart. At that time, it was just a tiny seed planted in the depths of my soul. But over the years, God watered it, and the book idea developed into a detailed outline. He continued to nurture this seedling as the chapters were written and the story began to unfold.

I can see how He was growing this book and me at the same time. Each detour deepened my dependence on God and my need to trust Him and His timing each step of the way. The doubts and disappointments along the writing journey were growing my roots deep.

So today, it is a joy for me to share with you the cover of my book!

I am so thankful the designer captured the theme of my book with his cover creation. I love the tree with the deep roots as well as the red DEPTH letters and the placement of the subtitle. I am honestly over the moon with his design and could not wait to share it with you today!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being part of my tribe!

Many of you have walked through this journey with me and have offered encouragement or cheered me on during the past five years. Others of you are newer to my website but have sent me supportive emails or shared your story with me.

I am extremely grateful for you and loved sharing this exciting milestone with you as the book continues to get ready for its end of summer launch.

Speaking of launching this book, in the next month, I will be officially inviting you to be on my book launch team. If you think you would like to be a part of that and help share the book with others, feel free to email me a note today. Again, an official launch team invite will be coming soon.

So, thank you for being an important part in this book journey! So appreciate you!

Love, Jodi

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