Beauty in the Broken

My heart was saddened when I heard a large crashing sound come from the other room.  As I walked in to see the damage, I saw my son holding a ball and a broken cross on the ground. 

As we cleaned up the pieces, my son said that he could glue them back together.  I was not sure it could be salvaged.

In my heart, it was broken beyond repair. 

Have you ever felt like that?  As you look at the broken pieces of your life, you just cannot see how anything good can come from it.  You honestly have lost all hope.

Friends, hope is an important ingredient as you look at your broken pieces. 

My son saw hope for this broken cross, I did not.

Maybe you don’t see hope as you stare at another negative pregnancy test.  Maybe you don’t see hope as you are raising your kids as a single parent.  Maybe you don’t see hope as you drive to another chemo appt.

Days later, we decided to glue the broken pieces back together on my cross.  I thought I would like the perfect one better; the one with no cracks or signs of brokenness. 

But now, as I look at the broken cross, I see beauty in the broken! 

  • I see beauty in a woman who perseveres in the middle of her brokenness.
  • I see beauty when God is faithful to guide and comfort a broken heart.
  • I see beauty when a broken story is shared with another hurting heart and it unleashes hope.

Just like this broken cross, your cracks and broken pieces are beautiful when placed in the hands of Jesus. 

He is the one who gives us Hope. 

Hope that our brokenness has a purpose.  Hope that He can use our broken story to encourage another hurting heart.   Today I pray we can all cling to this hope especially when we are in the middle of broken pieces.

Love, Jodi

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