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195. Trust God is Good When Your Mind is Doubting & You Don’t Understand — Sonia Abraham

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Do you find it hard to trust God when you don’t fully understand what he is doing in your life? Like it is easy to trust Him when life is going well. But when things are hard and you are walking through grief or heartbreak or when the rug is pulled out from under you, it is always a little harder to trust that God has a plan. Oh friend, that is why I am so excited for the second T in my STRENGTH acrostic from my book, Depth: Growing through Heartbreak to Strength.

The second T stands for Trust God is good when your mind is doubting, and you don’t understand. This one is hard. So I am really excited to have Sonia Abraham on the podcast this week. She is a fellow friend of mine and she also walked through a divorce and today we are going to dive deep on how that looks to trust God when you have doubts and don’t understand why the circumstances of your life did not go as you hoped or planned. We are going to talk about some different Bible characters too. There is lots of truth and wisdom on this episode!

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Sonia Abraham writes about faith and loss on her website. She’s passionate about leading Restored & Renewed, a local ministry at her church in Texas that encourages and supports women walking through separation and divorce. She works as an editor and has three teenaged children. You can also connect with her on Instagram or Facebook

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