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194. Give God Praise Even As Your Heart Breaks — Angie Green

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When you are walking through a hard season, do you struggle to be grateful? I know I do. I think it is very common to focus on the things we have lost and focus on the hard circumstances. If we are really honest, it is hard to see the little gifts God is providing in the middle of the big storm. But this is exactly what I want to talk with you about today.

We are going to be highlighting the G in my STRENGTH acrostic from my book, Depth: Growing Through Heartbreak to Strength. The G stands for Give Praise to God even as your heart breaks. Oh friend, this is so difficult, but I think this is so important. I am so excited to have Angie Green on the podcast with me. We met back in January, and I have to say this woman is so full of hope and joy. She reminds me of a grandma that loves to pour out truth and wisdom and I cannot wait for you to hear her story.

Book Recommendations:

With the advantage of a long and close walk with God, Angie’s life has been undergirded with a strong faith and desire to proclaim the love, faithfulness and goodness of God in the storms of life; the good, bad and ugly times and seasons.

A servant leader, Angie is an experienced vocalist, songwriter, Bible study leader, small group facilitator, speaker and spiritual mentor. She has been mentoring, teaching, writing, blogging and speaking about the existence, presence and loving movements and actions of God for decades.  

Angie’s journey through grief after the sudden cardiac death of her youngest son, Kevin, in 2002 ripped out a piece of her heart leaving her feeling broken. Ultimately her journey of grief moved her from the edge of the grave to the edge of Eternity, and she would say she is living her best life with her husband, Bob, in Northern Colorado living with a renewed eternal perspective after surviving the fires of unexpected sorrow.

In March 2006, Angie co-founded “Mothers Like Me Grief Care and Comfort Ministry” with Cynthia Roth-Weightman for grieving moms in Southern California. When Angie and her husband, Bob, relocated to Northern Colorado in 2008, the ministry continued as Angie envisioned “helping more moms in more places.”

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