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193. Never Lose Sight of God’s Grace — Faith Griffin Sims

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Have you been following this series with my STRENGTH acrostic from my Depth Book? We have already covered S,T,R, & E and then we took a break for the one year birthday of the book. Now we are back to the acrostic and today we are going to cover N- Never Lose Sight of God’s Grace.

It is interesting because when God dropped that STRENGTH acrostic in my mind on that bus ride, there were a couple letters that were harder to identify than others and the N was one of them. I remember meeting my friend for lunch. She also had walked through a divorce, and we were talking about how some heartbreaks have a shame or a stigma attached to them and others don’t. And she said, “I think it is really important that you do something about God’s grace.” And that day at lunch together, we came up with Never Lose Sight of God’s Grace! It is a very important part of the book; we talk about forgiveness and being vulnerable.

So I am really excited to have Faith Griffin Sims on the podcast this week. She is going to share about her heartbreak. Sadly, she lost her son to suicide. This week is suicide prevention week and suicide awareness week. So I want this episode to also help us become more aware. Faith is going to share so much truth and wisdom.

Faith wrote a post for my Heartbreak to Strength Story Blog Series back in 2021. The title of her post was Held By His Strength and I cannot wait for you to read her powerful article.

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Book Recommendations:

Faith Griffin Sims is a wife, a mom of six, and “Mia” to 17 grandchildren. She writes about grief, suicide loss, and living life with hope. Faith believes in offering comfort in the way she has been comforted (2 Corinthians 1:4). In that vein; she began a local chapter of Survivors of Suicide (SOS) for others navigating the loss of a loved one by suicide. Faith recently earned a certificate in grief education. She is honored to be a contributing author on several books and websites and is currently writing a book. She would love to connect with you on her website and Instagram.

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